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Driving an elite physiotherapy clinic from Page 15 to Page 1 within 6 weeks!

Increasing enquiries by 20%.

The Story of The Lewin Clinic

The Lewin Clinic is probably the UK’s leading sports injury and physiotherapy clinic. They were an established name, with a new business and a new website that just wasn’t ranking on Google, no matter how much they tried. They appointed me to be their Marketing Consultant in 2021.


I quickly established that the key objectives were to

- improve their Google rankings

- increase awareness amongst local grass-roots sports clubs. 

- increase enquiries and patient numbers. 

Within 6 weeks of launching the new activity and campaign, they achieved:

  • No 1 organic result in Google for their chosen Key Word “best physio in Essex”.

  • Page 1 results for other key terms such as “Best sports injury clinic” and “best physio in London”


Within 6 months they had 

  • A 20% increase in clinic visitors, leading to 2 more physiotherapists in the clinic.

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