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Additional Services
Portfolio Web Design

Website Creation

Do you need a website for your new business? Your website is your key sales tool.  I can work with you to create a simple compelling website to engage and generate potential customers. 


And if you already have a website - does it pass the 'Caveman' test? 

Within 5 seconds, would a caveman know what you do, why they should choose you and what you want them to do next? 

If not, then you need to rethink your website proposition and design. 

I offer a free 30-minute website review - no catch - just feedback on how you can make your site work harder for you. 

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Digital Strategy

Would you ask someone to marry you on a first date?  I imagine that's unlikely!  

And neither should you expect someone to buy from you the first time they meet your brand. A digital strategy is your online plan to acquire, convert and retain the types of customers you want to attract and retain.  Using a proven sales & marketing funnel model, I can work with you to craft a digital strategy which attracts the right kind of people, keeps them engaged as prospects, persuades them you're perfect for them and ultimately converts them when they're ready to purchase from you. It's all a bit like a relationship really!

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Emails & Newsletters

Regular emails are still  the number one tool for increasing your sales and growing your business.  By creating an email strategy; delivering content which is relevant and informative, you're keeping your potential customers 'warm' and engaged until they're ready to purchase. 

I will work with you in a day, to create an engaging and informative email strategy, based on your customers' real needs and wants. Meaning you're spending more of your marketing budget and efforts where it will make the most difference - direct to prospects who've opted in to hear from you, and are interested in what you have to offer!

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Lead Magnets & Trip Wires

You know how it is, you drive people to your website and then you seem to lose them! It's a bit like them going into your physical shop and you just letting them walk out with you actually acknowledging them or engaging with them. 

The whole point of driving traffic to your website is to capture their details, so that you stay fresh in their minds when they're actually ready to buy.  This requires engaging and valuable content, Lead Magnets, which you give to them in exchange for their email addresses. 

Trip Wires are the tools you use to help convert them into customers once they know you, trust you and they're a bit further down the decision making process.   Click below to find out more about a Lead Magnet & Trip Wire Masterclass 


Brand Identity

Your Brand Identity is the first thing you need to create when setting up a new business.  What's your logo, your colour palette, your tone of voice?  How do you want people to feel when they think of your brand? Branding is about making people 'feel' something about your business; it's about mood, colours, tone etc.

Before you start marketing to your potential customers, you need to ensure you're happy that your brand reflects and projects your brand intentions.    It needs to appeal to you target market. Do you want to attract a younger audience? If so, your brand identity needs to appeal to the younger generation - it might need to feel fun and modern, rather than traditional. Email here if you need a brand identity creating or refreshing. 


Mobile Web Design

Content Creation

Content creation is at the heart of modern marketing.   But it doesn't mean just creating a whole host of random posts and assets and putting them on all your social media channels.   You need a strategic approach to your content creation - an overview and a plan, giving thought to what will engage and convert your customers.    

You should be looking to plan at least one quarter in advance - thinking about the wider landscape of your business.  What opportunities are there which you can tap into and leverage?  What are the cyclical events of your industry?  What are the pain points of your customers?  What are the brand story pillars of your business, that you should be communicating on a regular basis? If you need a content plan and content ideas, email me here...

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