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One Day a Week of Marketing

A regular day of marketing assistance and implementation, creating engaging content to generate leads and help grow your business.


With a commitment to at least one day a week, for 12 weeks, I'll be your marketing expert, meaning you don't need to employ a full time, in house person. 


Once we've agreed on the marketing objectives for your business, over an agreed period of time, I will help devise and implement a content marketing strategy to include:

  • Identifying the main 'problems' facing your customers, which your business resolves (pain points)

  • The key messages you need to appeal to your customers and 'resolve' their pains.

  • Your key brand-story pillars; 5 or 6 key strands of brand content which you should be talking about and promoting on a regular basis

  • a 6 month content calendar

  • a suite of content, consolidating all of the above, using different formats such as blogs, social media posts, videos, lead generators, and emails.

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