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The ONLY marketing message you need in 2024, for business growth & success...

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

If you need to create a marketing message, a proposal, sales promotion or even copy for your website, there's a key question you need to think about and answer before you put pen to paper...

What should you say that works? What will capture their attention, make them curious and want to read more, or know more about your company...?

Well, there’s a simple message you should be aiming for, which WILL work every time!

The first rule of thumb is that clarity is king! You don’t want to be too confusing, too cute or too clever – clarity wins every time. If you throw too much information at someone they're not going to be able to process any of it.

In the ad industry there's an analogy we always use with clients who request too many messages on the page; Tennis balls. If you throw one tennis ball at someone, the likelihood is that they'll catch it. One tennis ball is easy to focus on.

But throw ten tennis balls at someone and the chances are they won't catch any! Too many to focus on, not knowing where to look or trying to catch one without giving it full attention. That's the same with marketing messages and communicating ideas.

In the 1950's a chap called George Miller wrote a psychology white paper called 7 plus or minus 2 The science behind his idea is that a human being can only hold between 5 and 9 ideas at the same time. That's in total! Imagine how many things are going on inside the average person's head and then you're asking them to process your message ON TOP OF THAT!

You may think that you’re only sharing one or two key things in your messaging, but it’s actually more likely to be 7 or 8. You have lived and breathed your ideas, so you know them inside out, but take a little time to evaluate and review what you're asking of the reader (your potential customer). Don't underestimate the number of ideas and messages you’re including and expecting them to absorb & process. You really want to avoid overwhelm.

The truth is, you only want to be sharing 2 key aspects in your message!

These two aspects are a one-two punch. Just 2 key concepts which will really engage & resonate, and this is what they are:

1. Here is the problem you are experiencing...

2. Here is how I solve that problem….

You need to define the issue they face; their 'pain-point'.

For example, something along the lines of the sentiment below, inserting your own customers' pains, problems and the benefits of choosing you. I've written in brackets where you can tailor your own message:

'You're probably fed up with (losing money and customers) due to (your software not working). You're tired of it happening, and your boss is getting cranky with you as (you're losing customers and income). We solve that problem by (testing your software on a regular basis), which means that (your software will ALWAYS work and you won't lose any more business) and (your boss is going to be happy, and you wont get fired!). Call us, download this or email us (to test a demo / schedule a call)..

Here's the problem you face. Here’s the solution I provide. It's a simple 'Problem & Solution' message. A 1-2 punch of a Marketing tactic.

So, the next time you're writing something to appeal to your audience, remember to define the problem they face and then make sure you're selling your product as the main solution to that problem. It's niche marketing, which means it's targeted and relevant.

But remember - If you confuse, you lose!

If your small business needs Marketing or Brand assistance in 2024 - contact Sally on 07970 483 026 or email

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