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The Power of Blogging for SEO: 12 Do's and Don'ts of blogging to optimise your marketing content...

For small business owners, tapping into the world of blogging can be a game changer.  As a marketing consultant, I've seen the potent impact, a well-curated blog can have, across the spectrum, whether you're reaching out directly to consumers or engaging in B2B interactions.

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Blogging tips for content marketing

Why Blogs are Your Marketing Content Star

Blogs aren’t just digital diaries; they’re the engines of engagement that drive your marketing content forward. They're the perfect platform for unleashing creative content that grabs attention, supports your B2B marketing campaigns, and boosts the organic traffic to your website.

But, there's an art to leveraging blogs effectively within your marketing content strategy, and I'm here to share some wisdom gained from my experience.

Blogging Do's for Stellar Marketing Content

Engage in Active Listening: Before your fingers hit the keyboard, it's crucial to tune into the buzz of your industry. Good marketing content is like a two-way street – it's about joining in on the conversation, not shouting over the crowd. Take the time to absorb what others are saying, contribute thoughtfully to discussions, and build bridges with links to peers' work.

Know Your Audience Inside Out: To craft marketing content that resonates, you must first get into your audience's shoes. What dilemmas are they facing? What keeps them awake at night? What solutions can your blog offer? Remember, content that connects with your audience's needs is content that converts.

Consistency is King: Regularity can make or break your marketing content's impact. By setting up a content calendar and sticking to a consistent posting schedule, you're not just keeping your readers engaged – you're also giving your SEO a hearty boost.

Deliver Real Value: Every piece of marketing content you blog out into the world should serve a purpose for your reader. Whether it's solving a problem, sharing insights, or providing a dose of entertainment, ensure your content is packed with value.

Keyword Smarts: Keywords are the signposts that guide readers to your content. Weave them into your blogging naturally and sparingly to keep your SEO healthy and your readership growing.

Spread the Word: Great marketing content deserves an audience. Use the power of social media, email newsletters, and other channels to amplify your blog's reach.

Blogging Don'ts

Embrace Imperfection: Blogs aren't expected to be flawless – they're a space for genuine ideas and real conversations. Don't hold back from sharing your insights out of fear of a typo or a grammatical stumble.

Steer Clear of Clickbait: Tempting as it may be, clickbait titles can damage your credibility in the long run. Your marketing content should promise and deliver value, not empty thrills.

Originality Wins: Duplicate content is the nemesis of good SEO. Ensure your blogs are original, fresh, and engaging.

Foster Engagement: Ignoring your readers is like ignoring clients at a shop counter. Respond to comments, encourage dialogue, and build a community around your marketing content.

Don't Oversell: A blog that's too promotional is like a dinner guest who won't stop talking about themselves. Instead, focus on building trust and providing value through your marketing content.

Keep an Eye on Analytics: Your website's analytics hold the key to understanding what works and what doesn't. Use this data to refine your marketing content and blogging strategy.

In a Nutshell

Blogging can be a potent element of your marketing content repertoire, but it requires a mix of strategy, sincerity, and a keen eye for what your audience seeks. Embrace the right tactics, pepper in some personality, and keep it grounded in real value. And remember to shun the temptation of clickbait like it's a dodgy buffet and avoid content duplication like you would a spoiler for your favourite series.

Sally Fisher - Marketing Done In A Day!

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