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Growth Strategies for small businesses.

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If you need marketing help, but not full-time, just a day here and there: I offer strategic and tactical  'Done in a Day' marketing services;

One-off, one-day marketing planning days - working with you to create marketing strategies and content plans that work and help to focus your efforts and grow your business


A regular day of marketing expertise, one day a week, or a month, executing marketing activities to generate leads and increase revenue for your business

That's your Marketing, done in a day! Leaving you to get on with the business of running your business. 

What I offer...

A one-off day for Strategy and Planning, using simple frameworks to create marketing and content to help grow your business! 

Regular Marketing support to execute and implement marketing activity to generate leads and nurture prospects.

A combination of a strategic planning day, plus ongoing, effective marketing assistance &  implementation.

All of your other marketing needs, such as content creation, email nurturing, brand identity, blog writing, marketing masterclasses or even coaching sessions...



I believe that marketing should make sales easy.  If you're struggling to sell your product or service, then I'm willing to bet that some, or all, of your marketing, is not being done correctly. 


I'm Sally Fisher and I have 20 years' experience, gained at some of London's most award-winning marketing & advertising agencies. I spent those years overseeing creative marketing campaigns for brands such as Superdrug, Harveys Furniture, Exxon Mobil, Kallo Foods, & Subway (to name just a few,) working with them to create effective and targeted campaigns that engaged the right customers with the right message in the right place - ultimately driving customer growth.


I've helped launch and re-launch brands, including Nutmeg Financial services, the GDST (the largest group of girls' independent schools in the UK) and, quite recently, Junior Jones, a new premium baby stroller into the UK market.   I also worked with a leading UK Gold Company, implementing a marketing strategy that increased turnover by £250k within 6 months.


I’m a qualified & experienced life-coach, meaning I can also work with you to set regular goals and be accountable in your marketing progress and growth - taking regular, small steps to transform and grow your business in the long term.

I enjoy all types of sport, especially spinning classes, I've completed one triathlon (never again) and have a black belt in Kickboxing (but had to give that up when I broke my foot). 

Two teenage daughters and a cockapoo keep me busy at home, near the beautiful Epping Forest! 


Brands I've worked with

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Leadership workshop - compelling Value Proposition 

The planning day really benefited from Sally’s independent viewpoint and also her expertise on strategic marketing. The main aims were to solidify our “Business Purpose” and “Value Proposition”, and to align on the key marketing messages to help plan engaging and relevant campaigns. The day was a great success, with Sally delivering an engaging session, using a model which we’d not considered before.

The outcome of the session was to run internal company workshops to ensure that the whole company is aligned in the same strategic direction. Sally has been a key part in helping us do this and I can’t thank her enough. I would strongly recommend Sally for any organisation who wants to be challenged in their thinking and who want a customer-centric approach.

Stephen - Director & Founder, ROQ




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