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Your Marketing. Done in a day. 

For small businesses who need part-time support with their marketing.  Think of me as your own, in-house, Marketing Director.  I'm SEO & AI trained and harness the power of AI to help optimise marketing assets, saving your business time, money and resources. 

It’s amazing what you can get done in a day if you cut out all the usual (and unnecessary) fluff and guff. 

If you need to be marketing your business better, or working on your brand, but you don’t know where to start or what to do, then maybe I can help. I work with small businesses who want bigger things, who want to shine brighter, get more bang for their buck (you get the jist). 

If this is you, then give me a shout (whispering won't get heard, and you want to be heard right?).  My job is to work with you, like I was your own in-house Marketing Director – except you don’t have to pay for my holidays! And by harnessing the power of AI, I can help supercharge your marketing activities. 

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What I offer...

One Day Marketing Strategy

A one-off day for Strategy and Planning, using simple frameworks to create marketing and content to help grow your business! 

Marketing. One Day A Week

Regular Marketing support to execute and implement marketing activity to generate leads and nurture prospects.

Marketing Strategy & Execution 

A combination of a strategic planning day, plus ongoing, effective marketing assistance &  implementation.

Additional Marketing Services

All of your other marketing needs, such as content creation, email nurturing, brand identity, blog writing, marketing masterclasses or even coaching sessions...

About me...Sally Fisher

I'm Sally Fisher and I LOVE marketing.  I also love dogs and Epping Forest, which is where I've been living since I moved down from Yorkshire.   For over 20 years now, I've been in marketing and advertising and I really do still have a passion for it.  So much so that I recently completed a mini-mba in Marketing, just for fun.  I also have a Hubspot Certification in SEO - to help your website rank high on Google, and I'm also AI trained - I was one of the first in the country to qualify for the CIM's new AI in Marketing certificate. 

After my Marketing degree (many years ago), I came down to London and worked at some of London's most award-winning & creative marketing & advertising agencies. Working with lots of clever and creative people, I oversaw marketing campaigns for brands such as Superdrug, Harveys Furniture, Exxon Mobil, Kallo Foods, & Subway (to name just a few,) targeting the right customers with the right messages, in the right places - ultimately driving customer acquisition and retention for many big brands. 


As a marketing consultant I've helped grow, launch and re-launch businesses, including a PR agency, an elite level sports physio, a baby accessory brand, a luxury swimwear brand, an engineering company (who literally made widgets), the GDST (the largest group of girls' independent schools in the UK) and, Junior Jones, a new premium baby stroller brand.   I also worked with a leading UK Gold Company, implementing a marketing strategy that increased turnover by £250k within 6 months.

If you want no-nonsense marketing advice and support to help grow your sales, then get in touch.  I'd love to learn more about how I can help you achieve your business goals. 

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Brands I've worked with

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Leadership workshop

The planning day really benefited from Sally’s independent viewpoint and also her expertise on strategic marketing. The main aims were to solidify our “Business Purpose” and “Value Proposition”, and to align on the key marketing messages.

Sally has been a key part in helping us do this and I would strongly recommend her for any organisation who wants to be challenged in their thinking and who want a customer-centric approach.

Stephen - Director & Founder, ROQ

Marketing Matters

Tools and Tactics to make your marketing work

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